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from clean credit to poor credit - IVA, exbankrupts Right to Buy, etc

We are proud to be involved with one of the largest mortgage advice networks around that allows us to have a whole of market offering for UK mortgage advice and also access to some great UK mortgage lenders deals. Please note we only offer mortgage advice uk wide. If you are looking for  mortgage advice and service from a UK Mortgage Advice Company that is not tied to any other, you should come to us. We will give you the right mortgage advice to help you onto the lowest cost deal to suit your circumstances.



Getting  a good mortgage deal is more important due to the recent credit crunch, lenders are being cautious about lending and that makes finding the right  mortgage deal that suits you harder to find.

IVA Mortgage — despite the credit crunch there are still mortgage lenders willing to lend you a mortgage with a current IVA. The maximum LTV is restricted. If you are in an IVA ( Individual Voluntary Arrangement), then providing it has been running at least 6 months and has no missed payments there are lenders that will offer an IVA mortgage.


we welcome applications for people with previous bankruptcy looking for a mortgage  – and have years of experience on obtaining mortgage for ex bankrupts

Although an IVA puts a strain on your credit and thus your borrowing ability, it does not prevent you from getting a mortgage.

Unlike bankruptcy, you can get mortgage or remortgage your home, whether you are in an IVA or have previously been in one.

If you want a mortgage with a current IVA perhaps as part of the 4th year settlement -, then please get in touch as they need careful handling to ensure they complete swiftly and successfully. We also want a long term relationship helping you our of your IVA and rebuilding your credit rating to get you back into mainstream lending as quickly as possible.

IVA Remortgage — if you are in or have been in an IVA and want to;

  • Clear the IVA Early
  • Settle IVA in its 4th year
  • Settle IVA in its final year
  • Get a better deal as IVA is cleared years ago
  • Previous IVA remortgage — Iva cleared years ago

If circumstances such as divorce, illness or redundancy have left you in bad credit and you have consequently entered into an IVA then an IVA remortgage may be the solution. It doesn’t matter if the IVA is in it’s infancy or has been paid off, an IVA remortgage will allow you to release valuable equity from your home amongst other benefits. The usual reason for apply for an adverse credit remortgage is to pay off an IVA early, usually the fourth or final year.

Remortgaging could release thousands of pounds from your home and a bad credit score or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) doesn’t have to stand in your way. An IVA remortgage could be the answer.

IVA secured loan to clear the IVA

There are lenders that will consider issuing a secured loan to enable you to clear the IVA. However the sole purpose of the secured loan must be to clear the current IVA. LTV typically 50%- 80% depending upon property value and loan required.


We offer mortgage advice across;

  • Residential mortgages

  • Buy to let mortgages

  • Buy to let portfolio mortgages

  • Secured  loans

Buy to let portfolio mortgages make it easy for landlords to manage their rental property portfolios and are available with several UK Buy to let portfolio mortgage lenders. Buy to Let Portfolio mortgages are designed for landlords who have, or are planning to have, more than one buy to let property. Generally it become viable to look at buy to let portfolio lending when you have at least 3 properties.


We also have buy to let mortgage deal on rental income only, many lenders insist on the landlord having additional income eg a salary. However we have lenders that will use the rental income only on buy to let mortgages


Let to Buy Mortgages

Let to Buy Mortgages ( BTL Mortgages) can be arranged either as a combination of your own income and the rental income or we can arrange aninterest only Let to buy mortgage based purely on the rental income only.

Commercial Mortgages, Hard Money Loans / Bridge Loans

Let to Buy mortgages generally require the mortgage based on rental income to equal or exceed the interest only payment of the BTL mortgage. Typical Let to Buy mortgage lenders would look to cover this by 130% of the pay rate, or perhaps its more of a commercial mortgage or fast loan / fast bridge loan that you are looking for ? A Fast hard money or bridge loan can be useful if you need to complete fast whilst waiting for your mortgage finance.

Shared Ownership Mortgages – (Up to 100% of your share) Shared Ownership Mortgage schemes are used for part buy, part rent schemes commonly known as shared ownership. hen you buy a shared ownership property, you only buy a percentage stake in the property, usually 25 to 50 per cent – from a housing association. Although this can be affordable, as you only own a percentage of the property you will miss out on some of the equity growth if the housing market rises.

Compare  shared ownership mortgages available in the UK and find the right deal for your new mortgage in minutes. We make it simple to search and compare the mortgage interest rates available for shared ownership homes whether or not you are a first time buyer.



There are some great reasons to use our services, but rather than us tell you - here's what previous customers have said about us;

"Searching online can be a daunting task, as you don't who you are talking to, We will certainly be back - and would highly recommend affordable mortgages."
Roy G. – Surrey 2010.

"I have used Affordablemortgages for the past 4 times I needed a mortgage — David is honest and offers straightforward advice at a level easily understood by the lay person."
Allan M. – Ipswich 2009.

"I am very happy with the overall service, friendly and very helpful staff who are knowledgable and contactable."
Jackie P. – South Shields 2005.

"Great service and help always available — very friendly!"
Rob L. – Preston 2005.

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John G. – Scotland 2009.

"Finding a mortgage that was right for me was like looking for the 'holy grail', a complete minefield until Affordable mortgages coached me through & I found the right product."
Leanne H. – North East 2007.

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Mr W. North East 2003.

"Excellent professional service making us feel more comfortable with a difficult situation."
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