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Mortgage Arrears Help

Mortgage Arrears — despite the credit crunch there are still mortgage lenders willing to lend you a mortgage with current CCJs. Some lenders will even ignore ccj's or defaults below a certain value or after a number of years whether cleared or not. The maximum LTV is restricted to around 70%. but there are lenders that will offer an mortgage to help clear arrears.

A new mortgage to clear your mortgage arrears or pay off your crippling credit card, store cards and other debts could be the solution to ending your financial worries. We will need to ensure that any mortgage to clear mortgage arrears is affordable to you, to enusre we safeguard your home. Lenders will want an explanation of the ccjs and why they arose, this might be because you lost your job or went through a divorce etc, so long as there is a plausible reason and that you can now demonstrate you would be able to afford the mortgage payments, then lenders would be willing to lend. Mortgage Arrears take careful sourcing so please use our mortgage to help clear arrears specialist


Remortgage to Clear Mortgage Arrears

we understand how easy it is to fall behind with your mortgage payments. This may be caused by the pressure of when a relationship breaks up, loss of your job, or where ill health reduces your earnings.

Generally High Street lenders are unwilling to assist people who have fallen into arrears on their mortgage or loans because of the risk that is perceived to be associated with such customers

If you want a mortgage with a current CCJ or mortgage with defaults, then please get in touch as they need careful handling to ensure they complete swiftly and successfully. We also want a long term relationship helping you our of your CCJ and rebuilding your credit rating to get you back into mainstream lending as quickly as possible.

Your mortgage is secured on your home. For this reason if you have run into financial problems it is vital that you give your mortgage the highest priority over any other unsecured debts you may have. Therefore if you are finding it hard to meet your mortgage payments this means that you may have fallen into mortgage arrears. In this situation you need to act quickly to prevent your home from being repossessed by the bank which they may do to clear your debt with them.

Mortgage with Current CCJ or mortgage with defaults

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