Bad credit mortgage Margate

Bad credit mortgage Margate  –  Just been to help someone in Margate,  they have a debt management plan and need to remortgage to clear it off, as they were never going to be debt free for over 20 years otherwise.

The stress of the debt management plan was getting to them and the thought of simply remortgaging and clearing the dmp with all the finance means they will be able to get on with their lives and have all the debts repaid by the time they want to retire.

Debt management plans can be a good thing they help people gain initial control over their finances,  I would always recommend you use a FREE  debt management service such as Stepchange, that way you know all the monies paid are going to paying the debts off.


Quite a while since I’ve been to Margate – looks like the seaside resorts getting a bit of a makeover!

Need help with Bad credit mortgage Margate

But time moves on and the couple in question had been running the DMP for nineteen years !!  – as it is we will refinance them on to a full repayment mortgage , low interst rate and reat overall deal  saves them about £500 per month  but more than that gives them back control of their own lives and income !!and clear all the debt within 10 years  – the

Plus it will clear all the debt within 10 years  – the dmp was set to go on for another 19 years !  no wonder they were stressed


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