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Page updated sept 2015 – Previous IVA Mortgages — if you have cleared your IVA in the past few days, months or years, and need a mortgage after an IVA then we can find lenders who are increasingly willing to offer you a previous iva mortgage. IVA companies don’t make it clear that even when you have completed your previous IVA, your credit file is still badly tarnished in most lenders eyes and getting a mortgage after an IVA can be difficult.. We can help you through the detailed criteria lenders have and find those willing to offer great mortgage rates to people with a previous iva mortgage.ex bankrupt mortgage confidentiality

September  2015 – IVA Mortgage Lender update

IVA mortgage lender table
IVA StatusMax Lending
Current / just completed
60% – 70%
Satisfied 1 year
Satisfied 2 years
Satisfied 3 years

Mortgage after an IVA

If you want a mortgage with a previous IVA, then please get in touch as they need careful handling to ensure they complete swiftly and successfully.  Mortgage interest rates  will be slightly higher following an IVA than high st lenders  – but then you kind of  knew that anyway !

We have bee placing people into responsible mortgage lending after an IVA for 15 years,  so whether you have just cleared your IVA, want to clear it on completion / release of funds or are still in the IVA, get in touch with us.

Obtaining a mortgage after an IVA can be difficult, however as more time passes after your IVA, more and more mortgage lenders would be willing to lend, some from day 1, some even to help clear the IVA. Most Mortgage lenders will offer you a mortgage after an IVA once it has been passed 2+ years.

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