Voters roll not showing on credit report


If you have recently applied to get your name on the voters roll and its not showing – the most probable  reason your electoral roll details aren’t showing up on your credit report is because you have registered to vote during what local councils call the ‘annual canvass’. This is the period, usually between August and November, when most councils consult all households, update their records and publish new electoral registers.


At all other times of the year councils process monthly updates to the electoral roll and send the information to the credit reference agencies. But while the annual canvass is taking place, this process is suspended until the new registers are published on 1 December. Experian and the other credit reference agencies then set about updating their records from the new registers, a process that these days takes just a few weeks. If you’re still waiting to reapply for your bank account, keep a close eye on your Experian credit report. As soon as your electoral roll details appear on your report you will then be able to resubmit your Mortgage or credit application.