Ex sequestration Mortgage Scotland

Ex sequestration Mortgage Scotland

Hi  well it looks as though the long slow road to mortgage recovery is finally coming back.

New Mortgage lender for Scotland

Last month saw the launch of a new mortgage lender  that will now lend to people who have had ex bankruptcys or IVA’s  or sequestrations in Scotland.  Previously this part of the market was quite tough for people who had paid off their bad credit and wer trying to get a new mortgage after their sequestration or bankruptcy  as not many lenders wanted to contend with scottish property law   when they wi=eighed up its costs vs the relatively small market.

It was equally difficult in Scotland as one of the few mortgage lenders that would lend  required a high credit score – not something many people have soon after clearing their IVA’s and bamruptcies.

Ex sequestration Mortgage Scotland

admittedly they are really looking for people who are three years discharged from their bad credit, and are looking to see people have proven affordability / proven income,   but as more lenders join the market  it can only mean good things as lenders then jostle for position and have to relax criteria in order to win back market share.

More news !!

New Mortgage Lender for England ??

News now coming in that yet another lender is looking to launch in the next month or two – again with an element of its potential product range aimed at credit repair  – ie  people who have had a previous IVA or bankruptcy or some other level of bad credit eg ccj or defaults etc.


come back in the next few months when we release details of the new lender and its mortgage products,  looks to be exciting times ahead as people can finally start to rebuild their lives and get back on the property ladder.


Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it – Please borrow sensibly


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