IVA Mortgage Now available in Scotland

IVA Mortgage Now available in Scotland

August 2016 – at last a lender has started to issue mortgages for people in Scotland who have haIVA Mortgage Now available in Scotlandd a previous IVA or Sequestration / Trust deed. Upto 85% ltv for people who have been discharged over 3 years

Thats brilliant news for all those in the scottish regions, that have been struggling to get back onto the property ladder.

Upto now mortgage customers in Scotland had very limited options for mortgages if they had previously had an IVA, sequestration or Trust deed.   In fact lending was so tight that people had to wait until they were 3 years discharged AND also have a credit score in the Good – Excellent category.  Not something that was that easy for people wanting a mortgage in Scotland  to achieve.


IVA Mortgage Now available in Scotland

Lending for the previous IVA mortgage product in Scotland is very limited througha  select network of intermediaries and distributors.  The lender wants to make sure that the quality of the mortgage cases being submitted to them asre from people who have experience in this sector and provide good solid mortgage applications  that lead to success.

The IVA mortgage product is available across most areas of scotland;

  • Glasgow With a population of 596,000, the biggest city in the country.
  • Edinburgh: The capital ranks second in the population stakes, with 487,000 residents.,
  • Aberdeen: The Granite City is the third-largest city, with more than 220,000 people.
  • Dundee: The smallest of the “top four” cities, it has a population of 147,000.
  • Paisley: 76,000 inhabitants give it the distinction of being Scotland’s largest town.
  • East Kilbride: The Lanarkshire town is not far behind with 74,000 people.

Certain outer regions, the highlands and islands will still remain difficult to get mortgage funding for, due to their limited ability for resale in the event of a repossession.



IVA Mortgage Now available in Scotland upto 85% mortgage

With lending available upto 85% ltv for people whose IVA, or trust deed has been discharged for at least 3 years

The lender does look to make sure that no further bad credit has happened since the IVA, and uses a combination of credit scoring and credit search,  but mortgage customers dont need to get a  really high credit score to  get this range of IVA mortgages from this scottish IVA mortgage lender

access is strictly via mortgage brokers, the iva mortgage lender does not deal directly with members of the public, please direct all your mortgage enquiries via a suitably experienced mortgage broker

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