Right to Buy Mortgages – Inc Bad Credit

The Right to Buy Scheme is designed to help tenants living in local authority properties get on the property ladder. It allows people who have been tenants in a council property in England and Wales for at least 5 years to purchase the home they rent at a discount.

Right to buy with bad credit ?  or defaults ?

What does ‘Right to buy’ mean?

If you’re a council tenant, you may have the RIGHT to buy the home you live in.

If you qualify for the government’s Right to buy scheme, your home is likely to be a lot cheaper than you think. You’ll be able to buy it for a price that’s way below its market value.

The longer you’ve been a council tenant, the bigger the discount you’ll get. The rules are different in different parts of the UK, but most people get between £16,000 and £38,000 off.

Do I qualify for Right to buy?

If you became a council tenant after 18 January 2005, you’ll have the Right to buy once you’ve been a secure tenant for 5 years.

If you became a council tenant before 18 January 2005, you’ll have the Right to buy if you’ve been a secure tenant for 2 years.

The rules are slightly different for people in different parts of the UK. For free expert advice, speak to us.

The scheme has proved extremely popular to date, with figures showing that around 1.6 million social tenants in England and Wales have used it to purchase their council home.


Right to Buy Discount

As of 2 April 2012, the Right to Buy discount has increased – the new maximum Right To Buy Discount is £75,000!

If you qualify for the right to buy scheme, you can get a RTB Discount on the market value of your home when you buy it. Your home’s market value is the price it would fetch if it was sold. As of 2nd April 2012, the right to buy discount has increased. Previously, the maximum discount ranged from £16,000 to £38,000, depending on where you lived. Now, the maximum Right to Buy Discount is £75,000 for anywhere in England. Making now the perfect time to buy your council house!

The RTBdiscount you can get is based on:

  • how long you’ve been a tenant
  • where you live
  • the type of property you’re buying through the scheme (a flat or a house)


If you’ve previously had a discount to help you buy a council house or flat, this may be taken off your Right to Buy Discount.

The Right to Buy Application Explained

If you are planning on buying a council house through the Right to Buy Scheme, first you will need to get the ‘right to buy application form (RTB1), you can get it from your landlord or request one via the contact form below.

When you have completed the form, photocopy it and send it to your landlord. It’s best to send it by recorded delivery, or deliver it by hand and ask for a receipt.

Over the years, the Right to Buy Scheme has been extended to give more people the chance to become homeowners. This has had a positive effect on the wider community as the scheme encourages council tenants to stay in the area and take pride in their property and its immediate surroundings, resulting in council estates becoming much more stable