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Anyone searching for a lifetime equity release mortgage with bad credit should seek the help of an equity release  mortgage advisor who will search the for the most suitable bad credit equity release mortgage deal. Our experienced advisors have years of experience helping people with bad credit equity release mortgages. — Contact Us Today!

January 2015 update  – Realistic lending of  upto 25 – 50% depending upon age and circumstances;

  • ccj’s
  • defaults
  • arrears





Certainly a bad credit history could mean a record of county court judgements CCJs bounced cheques mishandled debts and bailiffs on the doorstep. Equally it could mean nothing more than the fact that you have never previously applied for credit and therefore have no credit track record at all! In between we may add in the self-employed who dont have a long enough record of accounts to satisfy standard lenders and those who have moved more frequently than the norm in the last couple of years.

Bad Credit Equity Release Mortgages

As equity release doesnt involve any repayments of the equity release taken, we have equity release lenders that will allow people with bad credit  ( not undischarged bankrupts though ! )  to take out an equity release / lifetime mortgage.

Whatever your circumstances we will not judge you, we will listen and offer help wherever we can as to which if any bad credit mortgage is suitable for you, we will explain all the costs involved in the bad credit mortgage before proceeding.

To avoid too many inquiries on an already borderline credit rating, you should use a broker to shop for rates rather than applying to companies directly. This allows us to find the lowest rate for their individual circumstance with the help of a single resource.

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