Mortgage Terms L


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A to Z of mortgage terms

Land Registry Certificate

Provides details of the property including a plan and, if the property is leasehold, a copy of the lease.

Land Registry fee
A fee paid to the Land Registry to register ownership of a property.

The right to possession, but not ownership, of a property for an agreed period of time. Ultimate ownership remains with the freeholder.

The bank/building society where you have your mortgage.

The person to whom a lease is granted – the tenant.

The person who grants a lease – the landlord.

Life assurance
An insurance policy that pays a lump sum on death. Often taken out with a mortgage to provide money for the loan to be repaid if the borrower dies during the term.

Loan to Value (LTV)
The size of a mortgage as a percentage of the value of the property or its purchase price.

Local authority search
Questions to the local authority regarding plans for new road building, planning permission for any building work previously carried out, connection to the mains sewer, etc.